Cooling and Radiators

The car radiator is responsible for transferring the heat out of the engine. A faulty or leaking car radiator can cause the engine to overheat. Signs of a faulty car radiator, that requires repairs or replacement, can be steam billowing out of the engine, red warning temperature light on the dashboard, the temperature gauge is clipping or in the red. Another sign that the radiator is in need of attention is a puddle of coolant under the car – coolant maybe red, green or pink in colour and is a sticky liquid when leaking out of the car radiator. If the car radiator requires constant topping up, more than usual, then this might be another indicator that the car radiator is leaking and is in need of repair.

You should immediately pull the car over and stop the engine if overheating occurs. Failure to repair a faulty or damaged car radiator can cause extensive damage to the engine if overheating occurs.

Sam’s Automotive can inspect and repair or replace your car radiator. We supply and fit car radiators for all major brands of cars. As part of the car radiator service all hoses and attachments are inspected and replaced if required. The coolant liquid is drained and then the new radiator will be installed. The cooling fans, radiator hoses and transmission lines refitted. The radiator will be filled with new coolant and the system bled to remove any air.