Car Transmission Service

What’s Involved in a Car Transmission Service?

It is important to keep your car’s transmission running smoothly. Your vehicle transmissions requires regular servicing to ensure top performance and should be performed according to the manufacturer’s requirement. Normal wear and tear causes millions of tiny abrasive particle to fall into your car transmission oil leading to the car transmission system failure.

Sams Automotive automatic transmission service includes :

  • Draining the old transmission fluid
  • Removing and cleaning the oil pan then replaced with new gasket
  • Remove and replace filters
  • Inspecting fluid condition
  • Full transmission flushes and top up with new oil
  • Checking for leaks and road test
  • Transmission electronic diagnosis.

Regular vehicle transmission system maintenance will help your car run smoothly and avoid higher repair cost down the road. If you have not had a transmission service performed for a few years then it is time to book one.