Batteries and Alternators

Sam’s Automotive offers a quick battery replacement service. We stock and fit major car battery brands. A sign of a worn out car battery could be its inability to crank over the engine. The car battery could be sluggish to start the car in cold weather and may perform fine in warm weather. These are signs that your car battery could be at the end of its life. You should replace the car battery if it exhibits any signs of poor performance to avoid being stranded in an inconvenient location.

Sam Automotive can check the car battery elements, diagnose its performance and check its charging capacity and advise you if a replacement is required.

Another sign that your car electrical system is not performing as it should could be a problem with the car alternator. The car alternator is responsible for charging your car battery when the car engine is running. A faulty car alternator could overcharge or undercharge the car battery. Over charging or an unregulated voltage output from the car alternator may damage the car electronics equipment. Under charging may cause the battery to go flat. It is advisable to check the alternator performance before replacing the car battery as it maybe the root cause of your car electrical system poor performance.

Sam’s Automotive can diagnose your car alternator and if faulty it can be replaced with a new one or the existing alternator maybe be repaired and reconditioned.