Brake Repairs

Vehicle hard to stop! Squealing brakes!

A vehicle braking system is one of the most critical part on any vehicle. Your ability to safely stop in time in an emergency greatly depends on how well your brakes perform. To determine if your breaks require servicing or replacement you can look out for any of these signs:

  • Does the vehicle make squealing or grinding noise when you brake
  • Is the brake warning lights on (only on some car models)
  • Does the pedal feel spongy or goes all the way down when you push
  • Does the vehicle take longer than usual to stop
  • Does your vehicle pull towards the left or right when you brake
  • Does the vehicle shudder or bounce when you stop.

Any of these signs could indicate a worn out brake pads or shoes and possible a damaged drum or rotor. Sams Automotive can replace your brake pads or brake shoes. Machine the brake rotors, discs or drums. Flush the brakes hydraulic system. Our mechanics use only quality materials and parts which comes with a workshop warranty.

In addition to the warning signs regular breaks inspections and maintenance should be part of your vehicle regular and scheduled maintenance program. Sams Automotive can inspect your brake system and advise you of any issues during your regular service and oil change with us at no extra cost.